Fun and Healthy Halloween Snacks!
Fun and Healthy Halloween Snacks!

Adults and Children get easily overwhelmed with sugary treats this time of year! To balance out those family gatherings, school parties, and social outings, consider making these options as a healthy and fun alternative to the typical candy and sugary treats.

1. Tangerine Pumpkins: Peel a tangerine or orange, then place a piece of celery in the center.

2. Edible Eyeballs: Slice carrots, and place a dab of cream cheese or yogurt on top. Then, place a small black olive on the dip choice.

3. Candy Corn Fruit Cups: In a jar/cup, layer oranges, pineapple and whipped topping/yogurt on top.

4. Ghost Cheese Sticks: On the white mozzarella sticks package, draw a ghost face. Easy, quick, and cute!

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Make one of the options above!