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New Year incentives update!
New Year incentives update!

Now that the new year has started, it's a good idea to review your health insurance plan and determine what you need to do this year to earn your incentives. Here are a few things to look into (and get scheduled if you can!):

  • Annual Physical: You'll earn $[insert] towards your annual incentives if you get your physical. 
  • Health Risk Assessment: Take the 15 minute assessment online and you'll earn $[insert] towards your annual incentives. 
  • Biometrics: You'll earn $[insert] towards your annual incentives if you complete and submit your biometrics (usually done with your physical).

Bonus: we offer an additional incentive if you get it done before March 31, 2021. That's free money!

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The Health Risk Assessment can be completed while relaxing at home?