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Navigate healthy eating around the holidays
Navigate healthy eating around the holidays

A new study from Cornell University found that the average person gains 1.3 lbs over the holidays. While that doesn't sound like much, research shows we typically don't lose that weight, and that can add up!

But don’t worry--there are plenty of ways to stay healthy around the holidays. Here are 3 tips from industry experts on Greatist:

  • Only eat food that you truly enjoy. If you're eating something just because, leave it off your plate.

  • Only indulge once per day. In other words, skip the pumpkin pie for breakfast, no matter how enticing it looks.
  • Drink plenty of water. It's easy to confuse thirst with hunger, which can lead to mindless snacking. Aim to drink extra H2O around the holidays.

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True or false: Most people don't lose the extra weight they gain during the holidays.