What to do when a natural disaster strikes
What to do when a natural disaster strikes

Lives can be turned upside down in seconds by natural disasters. Your best defense is to have a plan so that you and your family know what steps to take in case they happen.

Here are 4 basics from Everyday Health to help you plan:

  1. Learn evacuation routes found on your town or city's website.
  2. Have a family emergency plan. Create a plan with your family about how you'll handle natural disasters.
  3. Assemble an emergency kit. Store copies of important documents, cash, spare keys to your house & cars, extra prescriptions, non-perishable food (pets included), first aid kit and more in an easy to grab bag.
  4. Keep your gas tank full. It's a good rule of thumb to not let your gas tank dip below half full.

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Make a commitment to put together a plan if a natural disaster strikes: