Not sure who you want to vote for?
Not sure who you want to vote for?

Voter guides and sample ballots will show you the candidates and any state or local measures up for a vote:

  • Voter guides list the candidates for each office and offer details on each one’s experience and goals. They’ll also review any ballot measures, which are questions or issues that you can approve or reject. You can find voter guides in many regional newspapers.
  • Sample ballots show the elections, candidates and any ballot measures that will be on your real ballot. They won’t provide information about the candidates like voter guides do. Your state may mail you a sample ballot or let you download one from its election site. The sample ballot may look exactly like the real one will.

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You can bring your notes, a voter's guide, or a sample ballot into the voting booth. This frees you from having to memorize your choices for candidates and ballot initiatives.